December 2005
Michigan State
YAF Crashes BAMN Rally - by CW Burgers

Anti-Troop Protest Thwarted by Student Coalition - by Luke Pelican

Immigration Debate Hits College Campuses - by Andrew Craig

Demonstration Sparked by Anti-Troop Diatribe - by Luke Pelican

Experts Debate Affirmative Action and the MCRI - by Brenda Alves
From the Right
The New Civil Rights Movement - by Tyler Whitney

MCRI Will Help Fight for Equality - by Jeff Wiggins

Fighting the Left by Fighting the Left - by Jason Miller

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Michigan State's Conservative Voice
'Defend Affirmative Action' Rally Spurs Anti-Quota Protests

The left-wing extremist group By Any Means Necessary (BAMN) received a rude surprise at their ‘Defend Affirmative Action Rally’ earlier this month. In place of the ‘hundreds of activists’ they were hoping for, they were greeted by a large contingent of protestors from Michigan State’s Young Americans for Freedom (YAF).

Prior to the event protestors marched outside the hall entrance to show their opposition to race quotas and the far-left terror tactics of BAMN. The protestors marched peacefully and the only disturbance took place after a leftist BAMN member attempted to spit on a protestor.

Things quickly turned ugly however after the YAFers attempted to enter the rally. Despite being advertised as ASMSU-funded event ‘open to the public’, BAMN members tried to block the doors and resorted to shoving and other physical intimidation. The conservative protestors’ refusal to leave led the so-called ‘anti-system revolutionaries’ of BAMN to call the police...


Anti-Troop Protest Thwarted By Student Coalition

By Luke Pelican

Direct Action, part of a larger network of Trotskyite groups in mid-Michigan, held an anti-troop rally outside the Marine Recruitment Center in East Lansing on Thursday, December 1st. Equipped with banners that read "Recruiters Lie People Die" and "Create Students Not Soldiers" and shouting various chants, the radical leftists stomped around the sidewalk while handing out propaganda to innocent passersby.

Using a loudspeaker the socialist extremists chanted, "1, 2, 3, 4, we don't want your racist war, 5, 6, 7, 8, we will not cooperate" and "Hell no we won't go, we won't kill for Texaco" from the second story.

These protestors claimed that America's poor were being duped into joining the "fascist military" and getting killed in an "illegal racist war." They further contended that America is led by "the most incompetent administration ever" and the push to liberate Iraq from Saddam Hussein was fueled by fears that the dictator was "farting."...

Immigration Debate Hits Campus
Extreme-Left Demands Limits to Free Speech
By Andy Craig

Late last year at Southwestern College in California approximately 350 people organized to protest a campus columnist who wrote an opinion piece critical of illegal immigration.

Protesters found the article offensive, while newspaper staff argued in defense of the columnist’s right to free speech.

In response, protestor Lilia Huato, a member of the socialist Students for Community Action, told a local Latino paper “The First Amendment has had a history of misuse.”...


Demonstration Sparked By Anti-Troop Diatribe

By Luke Pelican

The State News office was the site of a demonstration by two Michigan State conservative groups Monday afternoon on November 14th. Michigan State College Republicans and Young Americans for Freedom joined forces to protest in response to an editorial cartoon printed on Veteran’s Day that depicted a World War II veteran and what is presumably a US soldier serving in Iraq, with the latter stating that he works in a torture camp...

Experts Debate Affirmative Action
By Brenda Alves

“Affirmative Action gives us a balm that doesn’t heal, it only drugs us,” announced Professor William B. Allen of Michigan State University at an affirmative action debate on Monday, Nov. 14.

Four professors from various Michigan universities discussed affirmative action and the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI) at an event co-sponsored by Toward a Fair Michigan and the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.

Along with Professor Allen on the panel sat Daniel B. Barnhizer, Ph.D. at MSU College of Law, Robert A. Sedler, J.D. at Wayne State University of Law School and Thomas E. Weisskopf, PhD. at the University of Michigan....


From the Right:
MCRI Will Help Fight For Equality

By Jeff Wiggins

On Thursday, October 27th, Reverend Al Sharpton spoke in Ann Arbor on behalf of BAMN (By Any Means Necessary) against the “evils” of the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI).

The MCRI is an initiative that will be on the 2006 ballot for Michigan residents to determine whether or not race/gender affirmative action should be used in job hiring, college applications, etc.

As I walked up to the Diag, I saw hundreds of middle and high school students who I later learned were from the Detroit Public School System. When asked if they should have been in school, some replied that BAMN insisted that they come even though they would face a three-day suspension...

nThe New Civil Rights Movement
By Tyler Whitney

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Driver directed her comments at State Representative Leon Drolet (R-Clinton Township) who wore a shirt that read "End Race Preferences".

Driver leads "By Any Means Necessary" (BAMN), an organization dedicated to lying and cheating to combat the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI), a ballot proposal that will eliminate race and gender preferences in college admissions. As with any ultra-leftist organization, BAMN lacks the logic required to articulate their position. Rather than using reasoning (which would defeat their purpose), BAMN uses illegal activity to fight the MCRI....

Fighting the Left by Fighting the Left
Lessons from Russell Kirk
By Jason C. Miller

A recent feature story by my local paper discussed the legacy of radical left-wing activism by college students. The in depth article reflected the general public’s view that college students have always been leftists and always worked for progressive causes. From Students for a Democratic Society to the modern socialist groups, much enthusiasm was poured out upon the Young Turks of the left. Americans today generally accept that campus is the domain of the left. This was not, however, always the case. There were days when “College students were often more Jacobite than Jacobin.”...

Picture of the Month: Tancredo in Dearborn
Tancredo Visits Dearborn, Michigan.
Last month Congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado visited Michigan where he attended several events including a rally at Western Michigan University. Tancredo also took time to visit Dearborn. In the picture above he stands in front of a shop with signs only in Arabic as well as a bilingual 'We Accept Food Stamps' sign.

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